As the vibrant hues of autumn and jewel tones of winter begin to roll in, there’s something undeniably magical about embracing the fall + winter seasons for your wedding day. These colder months bring such a unique charm and cozy atmosphere that can elevate your “I do’s” to a whole new level! Here are some of out favorite ways to elevate your fall + winter wedding.

Linen Selection

The colder weather offers the chance to experiment with rich fabrics for your table linens. When working with your wedding planner, they may suggest using materials such as velvet to give off a cozy vibe for your reception. However, don’t stop at just the table linens. Including different warm textures and colors in attire or other decor is just as important when adapting to the cooler seasons. These subtle changes make all the difference!

Keeping Guests Warm

When planning a fall or winter wedding, one essential element that should not be overlooked is the inclusion of heaters in your reception. These seasonal celebrations often come with chilly temperatures, and having heaters can make a world of difference for both you and your guests. Heaters keep everyone comfortably warm and can enhance the overall ambiance. Have your wedding planner direct where heaters should go to best create a cozy atmosphere that encourages guests to linger and enjoy the festivities.

Earlier Start Times

When planning a wedding, it is important to consider the sun set time when determining your start times. Ideally working backwards and allowing for at least 45 minutes post-ceremony for photos while the sun is setting is essential. My upcoming fall and winter weddings have much earlier ceremony times, some as early as 3:00pm!

Ambiance is Key

With cooler temperatures and a lot of venues offering outdoor reception spaces, ambiance is KEY to ensure your guests don’t go home early. Create an inviting and warm feel to the reception space by renting lounge sets and specialty candles. I love making what I call ‘cozy corners’ away from the dance floor for guests to mingle and enjoy drinks + late night snacks. The foolproof way to create ambiance is including a variety of candles and lounge sets.

Fall + winter weddings have some of my favorite unique color palettes to choose from. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a cozy and inviting feel to your wedding. Embrace the season in your wedding to create a magical night for you and your partner!


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