oh hey, i'm Alesha - Owner & Principal planner


 Not only is your wedding day meant to be incredibly unforgettable but everyday should be made the most of. The entire process from our first chat to the most tedious of tasks should feel effortless. We are there to guide you step by step through the wedding planning process. 

We love celebrating ALL your wins and live by "Treat yourself". Finally decided on your wedding party? Decided on having no wedding party? We are ready to celebrate and are on your team 100% of the way.

I am a firm believer that going above and beyond is the only option. I do my absolute best to make all experiences enjoyable. When things gets tough, stressful or a problem needs to be solved I always choose to smile through, and maintain a positive outlook because I know everything can be solved.

In fact, helping others, creating a solution or making someones life easier is what truly makes me happy. (And of course, I  LOVE an amazing celebration).
Over the past few years I've found myself to be the go to friend when it comes to advice, problem solving or just plain encouragement and that truly fills me up. Not only do I want to exceed and be successful but I want to help others get there too, no matter what that may look like. 

I have a true passion for serving others and am able to do that through my career and volunteering as an Executive Board Member of an organization close to my heart - Wish Upon a Wedding. 

Let's talk business - Hospitality and professionalism are engrained in my DNA. Along with my 6+ years of experience in weddings and events I also worked as a Creative Director at two 5-star luxury hotels. My experience as a Creative Director not only gave me high expectations for top notch service but it trained my eye for detailed aesthetics. 

lead coordinator 

I’ve always been passionate about executing events because planning is like second nature to me. I knew I’d become a wedding planner one day, and here I am! My favorite part of weddings is the style and design. From the color palettes to florals and all the personalized details - I love seeing each event come to life.

I started my event career as an event assistant working across several southern California and Los Angeles venues with leading industry planners. I also have a background in luxury hospitality marketing, social media, and communications.

My experience in hospitality helped me develop a high level of service and anticipation of client needs that brings value to the work I do today. 

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lead planner + designer 

Hey hey! I started in the event industry in 2012 and fell in love with it from the start.

I always knew I was not going to have a behind the desk corporate job and needed to have a career with a creative outlet, as that is my true passion. I also have been in the hospitality industry since 2006 so finding the wedding industry where both skills came together was a dream. I love writing a good detailed timeline and executing it on the day of weddings but where my heart really lives is with design. I love mixing textures, colors etc.. Watching something get created from a color palette to a perfectly curated wedding the day of is so fulfilling.

My goal is to produce such a detailed wedding so that you, our couples, and your family have ZERO worries on the day of the wedding. At the end of the day, the most important thing is the love that is celebrated on the day between you and your spouse and making that a priority is so important to me. I look forward to working with you on your special day and creating something truly magical.

Love Language: 
Both acts of service!


Favorite Dessert Maegen: strawberry shortcake
Alesha: anything dark chocolate


Maegen: 9 
alesha: 3


Born & Raised
Maegen:socal gal
Alesha: bay area


favorite pastime  MAEGEN: cooking  Alesha: watching the sunset


go to drink orders
MAEGEN: gin & tonic 
Alesha: spicy marg


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