You believe in love, pure bliss and having fun in every aspect of life. Not only are you looking forward to your wedding day but you're excited to kick off a lifetime of happiness. 

Our mission is to create genuine connections with our clients and become more than a planning partner. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our couples at the end of the night having the time of their lives. 

we love weddings but mostly we love people

impacting lives one event at a time 

“We were able to be carefree and enjoy our day, feel special and be pampered by her and her team”- Rachel 

I'm alesha! boss lady of de la planning. 

hey, you!

I am a firm believer that going above and beyond is the only way to do things. Just like life, events are meant to be enjoyed by those attending and nothing makes me happier than to make that happen. 

Hospitality and professionalism are engrained in my DNA. Along with my 5+ years of experience in weddings and events I also worked as a Creative Director within two 5-star luxury hotels. This truly gave me an understanding of how to provide top notch service and keep my clients the priority. As the Creative Director, I managed a team of photographers and videographers and was solely responsible for the overall quality of content and ensuring an excellent client experience. As a planner, this has provided me a with both a keen eye for detail and the unique perspective of a photographer.

When I'm not working you can find me exploring a new city, dancing the night away or having red wine with dark chocolate.

Fun Facts

Despite what my mother taught me, I love chatting with and smiling at strangers.
My favorite snacks are beef jerky, pickles and string cheese. 
I'm from the Bay Area and love to rap to my favorite songs in the car.

Our values 







professional with personality