So you’re engaged! How exciting! And now you’re starting to think about what comes next. Should you hire a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator? In fact, what is the difference between two? While many may think they are one in the same, there is actually quite a difference– so let’s break it down!

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is like a fairy god mother and your new best friend mixed all into one! They are someone who meets with you shortly after your engagement and will hear all of your wedding day dreams then bring them life. The planner will handle all of the logistics like– helping you find and choose a venue, a florist, a caterer, a photographer, furniture rentals and more! They will create a detailed timeline, layout, and floor plan. Your wedding planner will stay attentive to your budget and even save you money by helping you stick to it.

When your wedding day comes, your wedding planner will be there to facilitate everything. From rehearsal to all of the day-of events, they’ve got it all covered. They will make your special day run seamlessly so all you have to do at your wedding is enjoy it and CELEBRATE.

Wedding Coordinator

A wedding coordinator is a life saver. They focus on the logistics and ensure that everything you’ve planned for your wedding day runs smoothly. The difference is in the timeline– a wedding coordinator will meet with you 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day.

They will go over all of the lovely details you have planned out and make them a reality. They will speak with all of your vendors and become the main point of contact, create a day-of timeline, create a day-of checklist so nothing is left behind, and create or review a layout of ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and more! Most importantly they will take all of your plans and make sure your day is perfect!

Which ever service is best suited to fit you, we would love to chat in more detail about what type of assistance might be most helpful for your wedding day! CONTACT US


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