Wedding planning comes with many decisions to make, one of the most important, in our opinion, is the venue. The venue you choose will set the entire backdrop for your wedding day.

Finding the perfect venue to suit all your dreams isn’t always easy. There are so many options to choose from and so many questions to ask. To help ease this process, let’s talk about what to consider when selecting the place that’s just right for you and your special day. 

1- Talk to a Planner

As you are beginning your search for the perfect venue it may be in your best interest to find a planner before you look at venues. Often they will have referrals or ideas on a venue that will be perfect for you. Since they do this so frequently, getting their insight will take much of the researching stress off your hands!

2- Estimate A Guest Count

Starting out with a rough idea on how many people you plan to invite to your wedding will save you so much time and energy. This will narrow down your search to find a venue that can accommodate you and your guests. Oftentimes couples underestimate how many people they will invite, so having that conversation early will help you know what you’re really working with.

3- Create Your Vision and Make Sure the Venue Matches

Because the venue sets the tone for the wedding, you will want to have a general theme that can pair with the location you pick. Choosing a venue that fits in with and even enhances your theme will make your wedding feel connected and cohesive.

If you dream of a rustic wedding, then a barn may be the perfect option, however if you want to go with more of a modern vibe, check out some art galleries, warehouses, or luxury hotels. You can even find wedding venues  on a mountain top, near the crashing waves of the sea, or in the middle of a desert!

4- Consider The Budget

Oh the budget! While this may seem obvious, you will want to have a rough idea on how much of your budget you intend to dedicate to the venue itself. A budget may not sound like the most exciting consideration, but without it you may encounter more mistakes and even disappointments further down the road.

You can start out by deciding what you want your final wedding spend to be and then proceed to divide it into different areas alongside researching each element like the venue, catering, photographer/videographer, florist, cake, flowers, music and more.

5- Find Out What is Included

Some venues might provide some important event services already in their overall price quote while others might charge extra for the same services. A venue with tables, chairs, and linens included might cost more upfront than a venue where you need to rent your own, but you should get an estimate from a rental company to see how they compare when you’ve added on the price of renting things for yourself

6-Consider Your Guest’s Experience

Once you have the other details together, you’ll probably have a handful of venues you’d like to tour. When touring be sure to pay close attention to what the guests, wedding party, and most importantly you will experience on your wedding day. A few questions we might ask would be:

Does the location have a place for your bridal party to get ready? Is there a hotel nearby for guests who are attending from out of town? Will there be enough room for all of your guests to enjoy the wedding comfortably?

7- Make it YOURS

When it comes down to it, you want your day to resemble you, your partner, and the love you share. After all the mood boards, color swatches, floral trials and linen samples, be sure to pick the venue that is truest to you! And remember that, while a venue might have looked stunning with a different theme or design scheme, it may not be the perfect canvas for yours.


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