After all the research, planning and excitement your wedding day is quickly approaching! How exciting! Well, it’s time to talk about your getting ready process.

I’m sure you have thought and planned through every detail: the ceremony playlist, when to begin makeup and hair, vows, seating charts and everything in between. However— the start of your wedding day is just as important as the other events.

It is crucial to start off your day prepared, calm, and excited with ample time to get ready. This will give you time to breathe and take it all in. How your morning goes can define your entire outlook on the rest of the day!

So let’s talk about a few tips we have for you to make your morning memorable, fun, and dreamy!

1. Choose Your Getting Ready Space

No matter if you are getting ready at a hotel, home, or bridal suite at a venue, make sure that the space you have is designated for just that. It will be a central location for your bridal party to meet up at and most likely stay until it’s showtime. It will serve as a safe haven from all the wedding chaos.

Ideally, this space will have plenty of natural lighting. This will help everyone, especially your makeup artist and photographer. You will want to make sure that the space stays relatively neat, so your photographer can capture each dreamy moment.

2. Hire Multiple Artists

If you are hoping to save time and hopefully get more sleep before the big day– we recommend hiring multiple artists! While you probably already know to have plenty of time to get ready, hiring multiple artists to complete your make up, hair, and your bridesmaids looks will allow for more time to be spent enjoying the morning together.

If your hair and makeup artist will be doing the entire bridal parties looks, be sure to get yours done first!! Not just because it’s your day and everything is about you (because it is). Just in case they happen to fall behind schedule, you want to make sure you are ready to go.

Captured by Kartsie Photography.

3. Get ready in STYLE

Some of the greatest pictures and memories will be from your wedding morning. All of the anticipation and excitement with your group of girls! One way we to spoil your girls and make those getting ready photos extra cute— gift them matching PJ sets or robes. They can match the color of their dresses or can be a fun print that you like, whichever you choose, you and the girls will look beautiful getting ready together.

Aside from looking super cute, these robes or PJ’s make the perfect getting ready outfit because they help you avoid messing up that perfect hair and makeup.

4. Keep Your Crew Hydrated and Well Fed

Your girls are overjoyed to be apart of your day! They are there to celebrate you and stand by your side as you marry the person of your dreams. While they are there to take care of you, plan ahead to take care of them!

Depending on the timing of your wedding you can provide breakfast, lunch or light snacks to hold them over through the ceremony and photography sessions. It is always a good idea to have plenty of water around to keep everyone hydrated, especially if you are getting ready in a location that is not a home.

Captured by Kartsie Photography.

5. Leave Extra Time in Your Plan for Getting Dressed

Maybe it’s the nerves, maybe it’s the excitement, maybe it’s getting into a gown you haven’t worn before… who knows! Getting into the dresses always takes longer than one would anticipate. By giving everyone a bit of extra time to get into their dresses and feel ready will alleviate stress from them and most importantly you.

If there are minutes left to spare, use them to breathe, gain composure and ENJOY. These are the final moments before you say ‘I DO’.


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