Have you been thinking about having a backyard wedding? They are intimate, sentimental, and convenient, and most often budget-friendly! The best thing about backyard weddings is that they are completely customizable– you can turn your backyard into any theme you want it to be. Lets talk through some practical tips for planning your backyard wedding!

1. Time and Weather

What time of the year are you having your wedding? Will it require renting heaters or misters? If you live in an area where there might be mosquitos– citronella candles are a perfect way to fight them off! You may consider providing your guests with blankets or hand fans which can double as dreamy favors.

Always have a plan B for rain. While you might get lucky and have sunshine throughout the day, be sure to consider what plan you have in place just in case!

2. Measure Your Layout Prior to The Big Day

Knowing how much space you have to work with is perk that comes with booking a venue. It will be invaluable to both you and your set up crew to know exactly what space will be needing for your layout.

This will help eliminate any day of difficulties with the layout. We recommend checking out allseated.

3. Consider Power

Having a sound system and lighting means you will need lots of power. I would suggest having a generator readily available so you don’t lose power in the middle of your wedding! The power from your house will typically not cut it for professional-grade rentals and equipment.

4. You May Need Extra Restrooms for your Backyard Wedding

Depending on how many guests you have at your wedding, you may want to consider renting out some extra restrooms. Not to worry there are nice trailer rentals that you can rent. This will alleviate a line backup and will also prevent people from asking you or the homeowner where to find the restroom.

5. Hire Outside Help

I mean it, whether it’s your home or a family members the last thing you want to do on your wedding day is spend time worrying about the logistics. Hiring a wedding manager for your backyard wedding will make EVERYTHING run smoothly. From handling the set up, ensuring that everyone is where they need to be, keeping everything on track with the timeline, to getting ready for send off– wedding managers have got it all under control. This will make time for you to enjoy your special day with the ones you love!


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