Let’s talk about ‘first looks’ and yes its plural. Many couples think that when referring to a first look we’re only talking about you and your significant other. However, there are many different wedding day first looks that you can have!

First Look with your significant other –

Many people think having a first look with your significant other is a MUST if you want to have enough time for photos. While it does help to have this as one of your wedding day first looks for timing purposes its not entirely necessary! Pro Tip: Make sure that after the ceremony you have at least an hour and half of light left before sunset to have enough time for photos, if you do not want a first look with your partner!

Wedding Day First Looks with a Parent –

A first look with either your dad or mom is so very special and the reactions that I’ve seen caught on camera are beautiful. I would say most commonly I see bride’s share a first look with their dads and grooms share a first look with their moms. However, anything goes on your wedding day! Remember that even though this seems like it will be a quick moment it’s important to plan for this additional first look. Making sure that the parent you will be sharing this moment with is ready and that your photographer is aware so they may set up the photo!

Wedding Party First Looks

Seeing the reactions on your closest friends faces is priceless! There’s nothing like your besties turning around and seeing you fully ready in your gown. I’ve also seen a bride do a first look with groomsmen or vice versa.

In Conclusion, wedding day first looks are the way to go no matter which ones you choose. Just think of all the amazing reactions and moments your photographer will capture. For more ideas about photos on your wedding day check out my blog on detail photos!


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