Are you in love with all the flat lay photos you see all over instagram, Pinterest, etc? Because I am. Have you ever wondered how all these wedding details aren’t over looked or where they come from? That’s a great question because with all the big picture planning, its important that the small details aren’t overlooked and you will love having the photos down the line.

I highly recommend when planning for your wedding day you think about which wedding details you’d like photographed and start to set them aside and purchase them early!

Making sure you have all the wedding details ready to go for your photographer is SO helpful on the morning of the wedding. These items are typically the first that will be photographed so having them in one location will make your photographers life so much easier.

You can truly have as many items as you’d like photographed or just the big items like your shoes, dress, rings, etc.

Below are a couple of lists for both brides and grooms that will help you get started with compiling which wedding details you’d like photographed. Also, I always recommend asking your florist for extra flowers because that always makes flat lay photos even better!

Ladies Items

  • Dress and Shoes
  • Dress Hangar (customized)
  • Rings and Ring box
  • Veil and Jewelry
  • Family heirlooms (veils, lockets, etc.)
  • Invitation suite

Gents Items

  • Tie/Bow tie and shoes
  • Cufflinks
  • Special Socks
  • Personalized items
  • Boutonniere

I hope these lists were helpful. For more wedding tips, check out my blog about outdoor weddings HERE.


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