Are you considering a DIY outdoor wedding? Or maybe you’ve already decided on an outdoor wedding? Or an outdoor wedding is the only possibility with all the restrictions currently? Well, on the bright side, outdoor weddings are absolutely beautiful and lucky enough- here in Orange County we have the weather year round for them.

I will say that when having an outdoor ceremony & dinner/reception you will want to consider a few things that you may not have if your event was inside.

Things to consider for your Outdoor Wedding

First things first – Weather! This may seem obvious and your mind might go straight to the dreaded prediction of rain. While having a back up rain plan is always recommended you should also consider temperature and wind! Here’s why:

Wind at an Outdoor Wedding

  • When considering how windy it may be you will want to think about a few things.
    • First, let’s talk about your decor. Will you have pedestals at your ceremony or any standing glass decor? Will the glass be able to withhold the wind. Or maybe you are having draping, in that case you will want to make sure it is secure enough. Another big decor item that can be affected by wind are candles! Be sure your candles are in glass cylinders to be sure they aren’t blown out.
    • Your attire / hair – During the ceremony you will want to be able to focus on your partner and won’t want to be worried about the wind. If it is windy, a few things to make sure – Will the hair stay out of your face? Maybe consider an up do! Is your veil secured tight enough to your head so it doesn’t go flying off? Planning ahead for these two small items can really ensure you focusing on the ceremony itself and not other elements.

Temperature at an Outdoor Wedding

  • No matter if it is hot or cold there are few things to think about. If it is hot, especially during the ceremony you may want to consider the time your ceremony begins and have it be a bit later in the day so your guests are not in direct sun. If that is not possible having ice water, and some fans or even sun umbrellas can be very helpful. If it is cold you can have blankets on each chair or even heaters! In the colder seasons, I always recommend heaters for the reception in case the elder guests who are not dancing want to gather by them.
    • Speaking of weather, during the summer time beware of mosquitos! They tend to gather and attack at night so having some bug spray available for guests is an amazing and thoughtful touch.

Outdoor elements

  • Thinking about the type of ground your ceremony and reception will be held on is important when outdoors. If the ceremony is on grass or sand, you may want to consider what type of heels you choose to wear and also let your guests know.
    • You will also want to consider your vendor load in and be sure to communicate what it will look like. Will there be a lot of stairs or set-up on the opposite end of a dirt path? Any details prior to the day can be sure set-up is complete on time!
    • Whether your wedding is at a beach or a house there are always outdoor sounds that can interrupt your ceremony. For example once during a home outdoor ceremony I had to run outside to ask an ice cream truck to turn off their music! Or if you’re at the beach and there are a lot of people or loud waves you may want to consider a sound system even if the guest count is small.

I hope these tips were helpful. Outdoor weddings are so much fun but its definitely worth it to take the time to consider these details prior to the day of. If you’d like to check out some of my favorite outdoor wedding venues click here.


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