You may have heard the term ‘day-of-coordinator’ but I’m here to tell you why there is no such thing. When I say no such thing I mean that while some planners may call their package this, in reality the service is more like “month of coordinator”. Let’s dive in a bit more of what those differences are between Wedding Manager Vs Day of Coordinator.

First let’s talk about the fact that if you are going this route this means you are tackling the planning portion without professional assistance. This is absolutely possible! Weddings are a beautiful celebration of love and the start to a long life of marriage together but let’s be REAL they are expensive. This is why you want to be sure that on your wedding day all of your hard work planning will be executed. And that is why you need a wedding manager.

Wedding Manager Vs. Day of Coordinator : The WHY

On wedding day A LOT falls on your coordinator and when I say a lot in all caps its not because I’m being dramatic, it is just the truth. We are responsible for all the moving parts. This includes all vendors, the wedding party and everything coming together seamlessly. There are so many details that go into the wedding day. As a wedding manager we must be aware of them BEFORE the actual day of the wedding. This will allow the couple to truly be just a bride and/or groom without being asked questions.

Imagine your coordinator showing up on the morning of the wedding or even at rehearsal and needing an entire run down. They would be asking who your vendors are and what the plan is for the day in order to execute.

Having at least 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding date to take over vendor communication will ensure a seamless transition.

A few things we have to do during that time: Introduce ourselves to the vendors as the coordinator, slowly become the main point of contact so you can enjoy the wedding process, create the timeline from hair & make-up to clean up at the end of the night, create a checklist for all items needed on the day of the wedding to make sure nothing was missed, review and/or create layout of ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, discuss timing and logistics with each vendor (such as power needs, set-up/ready by time, parking & more).

These are just a few of the tasks! There are many other details to be managed leading up to a wedding day.

Micro Weddings Need a Wedding Manager

Another misconception is that if you’re having a smaller more intimate wedding a coordinator may not be necessary. However, even if you have a guest count of 15 or 30 you want to make sure you and your guests enjoy the day. Often times these smaller celebrations take place in a backyard setting and these are not set up as event venues. We are always considering details such as power outlets, layout for flow of event, and much more. A wedding manager vs day of coordinator would be able to assist ahead of time with these logistics.

In addition to being a wedding manager, we offer a number of other services. I would love to chat in more detail about what type of assistance might be most helpful for your wedding day!


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