Let’s talk about something that’s been turning heads in the world of “I dos” – destination weddings! They are great whether your family and friends are all in one state or spread across the US. Also, doing a destination wedding–can even mean within the US! It gives everyone a middle ground and a new place to explore. Here are some of the other reasons why couples are ditching their hometown for a change of wedding scenery:

Sense of Adventure

Destination weddings are all about adding that splash of adventure and something totally different to your wedding. Make your wedding a fun weekend vacation for you and your guests and embrace a new city! Do your research and find local bars, restaurants, and entertainment that is unique to the city. Host a welcome party the night before to see what the city has to offer!

Story Time: In July 2023, I planned a destination wedding in Utah for a couple from Missouri. I planned a welcome party, lavish rehearsal dinner, & of course an AMAZING ranch-style wedding! This was so fun for them as well as myself where I got to work with some of Utah’s best wedding vendors.

Stress Less, Celebrate More

With my team assisting you every step of the way, you don’t need to reach out to vendors in other time zones and wondering how to plan across state lines. With our full planning package, we got you! You and your partner can sit back and let me know your wedding dreams without doing any of the heavy lifting often associated with destination weddings.

Keeping it Intimate

One major advantage of destination weddings are the cozy, close-knit feeling. You’re surrounded by those who matter most, the ones who’ll go any distance to see you two tie the knot. With fewer people, you can actually spend quality time with everyone and create intimate memories with your loved ones.

Unique Memories

At the end of the day, a destination wedding isn’t just a wedding – it’s an experience. The gorgeous backdrop, the intimate vibes, and the unique local touches create memories that’ll stick with you and your guests forever. It’s not just a celebration; it’s a one-of-a-kind journey that’ll make your love story even more memorable.

Ready to Commit?

If you’re in your “going for it” era and love to travel, destination weddings are the way to go! Combine that honeymoon-travel feeling with your wedding and bask in the vibes of a brand new city. I have experience working in Mexico, Utah, Louisiana, as well as assisted plenty of destinations in California. Pack your wedding bags and drift off into a dreamy destination wedding!


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