Cocktail hour is a multi-function part of wedding day as it allows for guests to socialize while the newlyweds can take golden hour photos together. As the name implies, the cocktail hour is about a full hour and can feel a bit boring unless there are elements that engage guests. Here are some of the best ways I’ve seen couples make this hour fly by!

Signature Cocktails

Whether you choose to have a cash bar or open bar, guests will love a unique cocktail inspired by your favorite flavors. Try a “his and hers” drink and see which one is more popular! You can even name them after your pets to include them on your big day.

Fun Food Carts

Pair your signature drinks with a fun food vendor! Sweet or salty, make it your own with a mini slider bar or ice cream bars. Your guests will love indulging in unique small bites to keep them satisfied until dinner.

Tray-Passed Drinks

To keep bar lines short and your guests buzzed, do tray passed drinks! Servers will bring out trays of champagne, beer and wine, or whatever you’d like. This is a great way to keep guests mingling with each other without having to jump in line for a drink.

Live Music

You’ll have the whole night to dance away to some classics with the DJ. For cocktail hour, opt for a live band or strings trio to elevate the experience.


Help both sides of the guest list break the ice by setting out games to play! Games keep guests entertained and active while interacting with each other. Corn hole or ladder ball are some great classic games to bring out on the lawn for cocktail hour! Or, opt for couples’ trivia or crossword puzzles for a more personalized touch.

Cocktail hour can be the highlight of the evening as it is the kickstart of a night full of festivities ahead. It’s the introduction to your wedding, so set the bar high by thinking of your guests during this hour-long mini party!

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