If there’s one thing that leaves your guests raving about your wedding, it’s the food. Everyone is as happy as their stomach is, so you want your guests to be well fed. Weddings have long hours so having delicious food around every corner is necessary. After dinner service, you may have a few hours of your event left which leaves opportunity to bring in fun food vendors as a surprise! Late night snacks have been all the rave in recent years for their creative convenience to keep your guests having fun all night.

Dancing, as we all know, takes a lot of energy. Especially if you are a few cocktails deep into the open bar and just heard “your song” come on. Here is where the beauty of late night snacks comes into play. Wedding traditions are more guest-experience focused than ever and this includes food vendors. Late night snacks and fun food vendors are all the rave right now as you never want your guests to leave your party hungry.

From having affogato’s or lattes from Jedidiah Coffee to pairing it with the warm gooey cookies and ice cream from Chunk-n-Chip, making sure your guests are full and happy before departing your wedding is the way to make a lasting impression.

Why you should have a fun food wedding vendor

Fun food ensures that the party goes on late into the night and everyone has a great time. From a host’s perspective, providing late night snacks can help to prevent guests from leaving early to seek out food elsewhere, which keeps party going!

Southern California has so many creative late-night catering companies. Whether you’re looking for fresh mini donuts and churros or wanting a savory sourdough pizza to end the night, your guests will rave about the plentiful and geniusly-timed food. 

Our Top 5 Late-Night Snack Vendors in Orange County

  1. In-N-Out
  2. The Churro Cart
  3. Hot Dog on a Stick
  4. Afters Ice Cream
  5. Speak Cheezy


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