So, you’re a fiancé! Wedding planning is now entering your mind as you soak in the newly engaged vibes. The average time between your engagement and wedding day is between 12-18 months (but don’t let a shorter planning timeframe scare you because we love those too). As a luxury wedding planning company, we believe that this time should be easy + enjoyable! Here is what we love to tell our newly-engaged couples:

Soak Up All the Newly-Engaged Vibes

This is your time to shine! With a new ring on your finger, it is time to rock that rock and share the news with your loved ones. People may start to ask you, “so, when’s the wedding?” or “where is it going to be?”. At this time, you don’t need to know! You can choose to be engaged for 2 weeks or 2 years–enjoy this time with your fiancé!

Start Dreaming

This is the perfect time in which your Pinterest board finally has some use! Do you dream of tying the knot in front of an ocean view, tucked in the mountains, or surrounded by lush vineyards? If you haven’t spent any time on the possibilities for your wedding, get an idea of what you like vs. what you don’t like so you can collaborate with your wedding planner.

Who’s Coming?

Discuss your guest count with your partner. Are you wishing for an intimate micro wedding or a 200+ plus get together? Begin by creating a list with all of the people you wish the invite. Keep in mind if you’d like children or any +1’s. If you have a particular venue in mind, pay attention to the guest capacities of each space. If and when you decide to have a wedding website, be sure to include a “Q & A” section to help guide your guest’s lingering questions about your big day.

Staying on Track: Budgeting!

With your guest list and possible locations in mind, it is recommended to have a budget to keep your finances organized. With my full planning package, we discuss your overall budget and help manage the expenses for the big day!

Dream Up Your Design Priorities

As you begin to imagine your dream day, you may have a specific vision in mind. Share the type of experience you want to have and your wedding planner can help guide the overall style and feel to the day. It is important that your wedding vendors’ styles match the look you are aiming to achieve for your day. Modern or vintage, colorful or neutral, always try to create a cohesive theme for your wedding. A great way to get a feel for the wedding day-vibes is the flat-lay detail photos.

Take a look at some of our client’s flat lays from our weddings, notice how each one tells you about the overall vibe of the day:

“In Wedding Planners We Trust”

Lastly, the final step you should take once you are engaged is to book a wedding planner! This allows you to make decisions on the ‘fun’ parts of the day but not needing to keep up with all the communications that create successful weddings. Wedding planning is essentially a year-long project that requires a lot of meticulous management. Be sure to enjoy each moment of this exciting season for you and your fiancé. This is the time to focus on your love story, so let us help you with your wedding planning!


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