June 21st, the first day of summer, is quickly approaching which means that weddings are turning up the heat. Here are some of the wedding trends we anticipate seeing a lot all over our social media feeds this summer.

Creative Dance Floors

Make the dance floor the focal point in your reception! In the past we’ve seen a lot of classic white with custom vinyl logos on them (which are beautiful). 2023 couples have been loving the opportunity to make their dance floor tie into their colors and design.

Fans + Parasols at Ceremony

Weddings have become more guest-experience oriented in the last decade. This means, the couple are more aware of the heat their loved ones endure during their outdoor summer ceremony. Providing a table of refreshments such as spa water pairs nicely with a basket of fans or parasols for your guests to cool down.


In a world where simple colors and decor exists, people turn to their weddings to express their taste. Saying ‘I do’ to things you love (besides your partner) is a good practice because the day is meant to be all about you! We have seen in the last few years that small details add up to create a magical experience to all attending your wedding. Whether it’s lots of signage, lounge furniture, or florals, say yes because maximalism is in!

Fun Film Pictures

It seems as though new cameras are becoming clearer than our naked eyes. The wedding photography industry is booming with breathtaking images that will be preserved for decades to come. A new trend has been couples looking for different styles of camerawork to display their day in different perspectives. Film and disposable cameras are a great addition to capturing your wedding. The blurry yet saturated images beam with nostalgia and create fun memories to look back on.

Breathtaking Florals

While extraordinary floral arrangements are not summer-exclusive, they do accent summer weddings amazingly. Spring’s full bloom creates an opportunity to incorporate a large variety of flowers; differing in color, size, and style. The mismatched picked-from-the-garden look is all the rave right now. Some argue that great florists are nonnegotiable in their budget, which I absolutely agree!

Whether you are getting married this summer or next, trends are always changing but are a great vessel for inspiration. At the end of your big day it’s all about you and your style, so make your summer wedding yours!

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