You’re engaged! Congratulations! This is the moment you have been waiting for and now it’s here! You have an engagement ring which means YOU are getting married! The next few days, weeks and even months will be full of exciting things. There is so much to think about and so much to plan, but don’t be overwhelmed. We are here to help guide you through the next few steps after engagement.


First things first, take the time to celebrate! Enjoy these moments with your partner, after all, these are lifetime memories that you are creating. Take the time to grab a few selfies with your new sparkly rock and your fiancĂ©. Yes, FIANCE, go ahead… practice saying it a few times!

Announce to Your People

Take as much or as little time as you need to share this wonderful news. Be sure to share it with your closest people first. You may want to share this exciting news with the people who are very important to your first. There will be some people who wanted to find out before seeing a social media post– we’re talking immediate family, friends, or friends that are like family. Now that you filled in those people, feel free to share those adorable pictures all over social media and let them celebrate with you!

Before you start the planning process we recommend making an account on wedding wire or the knot AND creating a wedding email! When you’re just engaged its so much easier to have one email where everything is located.

Narrow Down The Season/ Date

Now that you are starting to plan your day, it’s time to choose a season/date of your wedding. Doing this will allow you to build out the rest of your wedding style. It will also help you as you begin to search for a planner and other vendors.

Create A Wedding Budget

While this might seem a bit daunting, it is a must-do. If there are people who are going to be helping with the finances of the wedding, be sure to include them in this discussion. This is really a must before you can get on with any other plans.

Draft a Guest List

Next, we suggest drafting the guest list to your wedding will help you determine the size and to some extent the cost. Get the input from your family if it matters to you and your fiancé or if they will be footing some or all of the bill. Once you draft your guest list, you can move forward with the next step!

Hire a Planner & Book Vendors when Just Engaged

If you’re considering hiring a planner, now is the time to start doing your research and set up some interviews. Once you have hired a planner they can help you with venues and vendor referrals. However, if you prefer to do a large portion of the planning yourself, this is the order we recommend booking your vendors in:

(Of course wedding planner – first)

  1. Venue
  2. Caterer
  3. Photographer/Videographer
  4. Florist
  5. Music
  6. Hair/Makeup
  7. Desserts
  8. Any others


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