So what exactly is a Wedding Party Assistant?

They are someone on our team that stays with the wedding party from the end of getting ready until you’re in reception ready to party!

They are there to make sure the wedding party is where they need to be, help photo/video stay on track before ceremony and update the planner along the way since they are usually at set-up managing vendors. From ensuring the groomsmen have their boutonnieres on to getting you away to sunset romantic photos… they’ve got it all.

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5 Reasons You Need A Wedding Party Assistant

1. Each Detail of Your Day Should Have A Point Person

Think of your special day like a puzzle– there are a ton of moving parts and problems to solve as they arise. Your wedding planner will have plenty of places they need to be, from the moment set-up begins until the last vendor or guest leaves. Your planner may have an entire team of people ready to go to handle very specific details. Together they ensure that your day goes smoothly.

2. They’ll keep you on Schedule

They will remain with you throughout the entire process of your day. For example, they will keep the timeline in mind and keep your bridal party on task. This person assists in keeping the day on schedule, from hair and beauty timing to bridal party photographs. This ensures that while the rest of the planning team is running the production schedule and handling troubleshooting, the bride and her crew are cared for, both before and throughout the wedding.

3. They Make Sure Your First Look is Dreamy

Should you opt to have a first look, the wedding party assistant will make sure it goes exactly as you dreamed. They will be coordinating with your fiancĂ© so they don’t see you before the big moment! They also are extra hands for the photo/video team and you like fluffing your dress and holding your bouquet when it gets heavy.

4. Forget About any Emergencies

Yes, just like JLo – they will have all potential emergency needs on hand. Including but definitely not limited to: bobby pins, safety pins, blotting sheets, lint rollers, Advil, portable fans, snacks, water. No emergency can get in the way of your perfect day.

5. You’ll look and feel your best all day

Your wedding party assistant will be there for all your need throughout the day. Need a little more color on your lips or a touch of blush? They’ve got you covered. Need to change from heels to your comfy sneakers? You got it! Need some appetizers and drinks between ceremony and reception? Worry not, your wedding party assistant will make sure you have them.

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