Okay, so if you’ve followed me on instagram or seen my stories then you know I’m obsessed with Trader Joe’s. I love all their options so much and post about it so much that I almost feel like its become a part of my brand. One thing that I’ve learned from it is that you all also love Trader Joes’s just as much! I know walking in there can be a bit intimidating – like whats good and whats not? Well below I’m sharing all my favs but buy at your own risk. Heres’s my Trader Joe’s Grocery List:


I honestly don’t drink very many things on the daily other than water and coffee. Firstly this cold brew is EVERYTHING – I love that its ready to drink which makes my life easy. It’s always a Trader joe’s grocery list must have. This peach tea is seriously delicious and not too sweet. This would be a drink I would have as a mid-day treat. And last but not least – my favorite kind of wine is a Pinot Noir and this Moon X has been my FAV (only $6.99) for awhile. Def a MUST TRY.


Okay disclaimer – I’m not the biggest fan of meat in general so I keep it pretty simple it when it comes to this section. I’m a huge fan of ground turkey so I definitely have that every week but thats pretty standard. BUT these chicken sausages are delish and they have other flavors if you don’t like spice! Also- try wrapping the turkey breast around a pickle with mustard for the besssst snack (yes, weird I know).


Soo I eat a lot of veggies. Not because I think I have to or force myself to but because I love them. I will try to keep this section short and only recommend things unique to Trader Joes that are a MUST TRY.

My TWO favorite bag salads are the Sesame Crunch Chopped Salad and Southwestern Chopped Salad. Both have delicious dressings!

Jicama Wraps!! Literally sooo good with everything and a healthier alternative to a tortilla. They don’t have a ton of flavor but add the perfect crunch to breakfast, lunch or dinner. (there are so many in the package and they don’t stay fresh for long so plan to eat them ASAP).

I LOVE these cauliflower thins as a snack with turkey and cheese for a quick sandwhich or with eggs in the morning. You an eat them cold or warm!


I limited myself to sharing only a couple but Trader Joes literally has the best dips (highly recommend). The Eggplant hummus is much better than you think it would be. I personally am not even a huge fan of eggplant but its so yummy. Also, this tomatillo salsa is a must have!

Beans / Pasta

LENTILS – I love them so much. As you can see both of my recommendations in this category are different type of lentils. The red lentil pasta tastes like any other pasta but is a bit “healthier”. The steamed lentils are great either hot or cold and I love to mix them in salads or as the base of any dishes.



When it comes to snacks – Trader Joe’s is the way to go. I tried to keep all my recommendations to all trader joe’s branded items because if not the list would go forever. Also these are just some of my favorites there are so man more.

These JalapeƱo seasoned corn & rice puffs are BRAND NEW and have the perfect amount of spice. Also they have a chip/popcorn texture and are fun to eat. These grainless Cassava & Coconut chips are the best tortilla chips i’ve ever had. I must add that I don’t even like coconut but still love these.

The vegetable chips are exactly like Terra chips but so much cheaper! Then the last two are also crunchy and spicy snacks- do we see a trend? Def give them a try.


I think Trader joe’s is known for all the yummy pre made frozen food options they have that don’t taste like it came out of a bag.

Dark Chocolate (yes it has its own category for this Trader Joe’s grocery list)

There isn’t much to say about these items other than if you’re a dark chocolate lover then DEF try all of these.

As I mentioned in the beginning that I’m so obsessed with Trader Joe’s that its almost become a part of my brand but if you’re wanting to know more about me you can check out my about me blog here.


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