This pandemic has been an ever changing situation in every aspect and we must all learn to adjust. COVID-19 is something that has changed our thinking, our processing of information and the event industry as a whole. Rather than wishing to go back to ‘normal’ we must realize that it is time to adapt, change and move forward with what that new ‘normal’ will look like for weddings during COVID-19.

One thing I’ve personally learned about the industry during this time is that people want to and WILL keep getting married. Marriage is something that lasts a lifetime, not just one day of celebration but I am here to help that day of celebration be the BEST it can be during this unique time.

Let’s talk about the two most popular options for weddings during COVID-19. It is important to keep in mind that regulations in every state and county are very different so before choosing one of these options

Elopements during COVID-19

Elopements are IN with a new meaning and we are here for it. What do you think of when you hear the word “Elopement”? Colloquially speaking, this term used to mean a secret and/or rushed marriage conducted after ‘running away’ together.

Well, in 2020 it simply is a term for a wedding that is planned quicker than the average wedding and doesn’t have any guests in attendance. Elopements are more than just intimate they are private! This means only people who have a job duty are there with the couple. For example: the officiant, photographer, and videographer. Also, elopements typically consist of just the private ceremony portion. Meaning there would not be a celebration/reception portion afterwards.

Micro-weddings during COVID-19

Quite literally “micro” means small so you’ve guessed it- these type of weddings are just that: small! Now everyones idea of small can vary just a little so this is where a bit of opinion comes into play. Most weddings on average have between 100-200 guests in attendance. When talking about something smaller some could think that means 70 or 80. However, I think for there to be a big difference in comparison to an “average wedding” then a micro wedding would consist of only ~ 30 guests.

These micro-weddings are the same as larger weddings just on a smaller scale. Therefore, guests are still in attendance, and a celebration still occurs afterwards! What I love so much about these more intimate gatherings is that it allows the couple to truly enjoy time with each of the guests. It also provides potentially more in the budget per person to make their experience extra special.

It is important to keep in mind that these different types of weddings during COVID-19 may have certain restrictions. We must continue to follow state guidelines and county guidelines to keep ourselves and others safe!

With all of that being said, and now that you know a bit more about the wedding options- which do you want to have? We’d love to help plan either option!



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