Building a brand doesn’t happen over night and neither does creating one. As a California wedding planner, I’m a part of a big pool of other planners – Yes, there are a lot of us! However, each of us are unique in our own way and each brand unique to them. This is true in all businesses! When I first created my company it was hard to differentiate which part of my brand was me and which part I was holding onto from past work experiences.

As humans, we are all a continuous work in progress. BUT I will say I now have a much better understanding of who I am as a business owner / California wedding planner and what my brand is. This is why it was time for a re-vamp of my logo and put some meaning behind my decisions.

So what’s with the new logo?

Why a Flower? Quick story: I’ve always loved flowers and how the small act of giving or receiving them brings joy to people. Specific flowers have always reminded me of specific women in my family. For example, gardenia’s remind me of my grandma and hibiscus flowers remind me of my mom! Actually when I turned 18 my mom, sister and I got matching tattoos that include the hibiscus flower. So flowers have always held meaning in my family.

Why a Gladiolus Flower? The gladiolus flower stands for Honesty, Sincerity and Strength. These three values are ones that i’ve always held close to my heart and choose to display in my day to day life and as a business owner. This flower is ALSO the August birth flower and my birthday is August 21st!

Why yellow? My choice of yellow is a bit more simple but essentially yellow makes me HAPPY. It’s the color that puts me in a good mood, and brightens any situation. Overall I want my brand to be known for positivity and shedding light on tough situations by problem solving!

So who is De la Planning?

  1. We’re honest in every aspect of our business, always wanting the best for our clients in every way possible.
  2. We’re sincere in our delivery, care and intentions to connect with our clients on a deeper level than just a planning process.
  3. We’re strong in our ability to withstand challenges that come up and push through to find those solutions quickly and seamlessly.

& we’re doing all of this while shedding a light of positivity, laughing, smiling and enjoying everyday pleasures that may or may not include weddings. Because we believe everything deserves a celebration.

Learn more about De la Planning + Alesha HERE


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