As we approach head-on into the holiday season, traditions tend stay deep-rooted. This means the same type of gathering such as white elephant or an ugly sweater competition. Here are some of our favorite unique holiday party ideas for 2023!

Christmas Family Photo Shoot

If you dread having to get your family dressed up for photos to then have to quickly send out Christmas cards, you may just be thinking of this activity as a chore. As a person who knows quite a lot of photographers, I know that family shoots can be SO fun! Plan out the day by going to a festive tree farm, enjoy shopping for coordinating outfits, and end the night having more family over! Small traditions like this can be turned into a great reason to host a small gathering. After all, you’ll already look AMAZING!

Gift Exchange: Baked Goods Edition

Gift exchanges can sometimes be hard to get the perfect gift. So many different personalities can be hard to find a gift that can accommodate evereyone. However, combining the love of baked goods during this cozy season can inspire a whole party of exchanging family and unique recipes!

“Favorite Things” Party

Gaining popularity from Tiktok, this unique party idea is a perfect way to share some of your favorite things with your loved ones. The idea is simple: buy 3 quantities of your favorite item you discovered this year. It can be skincare, food, or even accessories. Share with the crowd why it is your favorite item of the year. After everyone has shared about their item, each member takes turns choosing from the now-huge pile of everyone’s favorite products!

Ornament Decorating Party

Some of the best holiday parties are the ones with your closest friends with a bottle of wine and a fun craft to take on. What better reason to get together for a night in than an ornament decorating party! Who says that decorating ornaments are only for kids? Take a peek at the recent ornament trends, and make your own spin on the design. This is such a fun & unique holiday party idea that be remembered for years to come!


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